My Build Experience Of The Kit

 Hoping this helps anyone contemplating the new body conversion by for the nb/nbfl MX5. Its a really simple build and this post documents 6 hours work to get it to this point.  I got the kit and picked up a very low mileage NB as the base. The designers original concept was for a 50s style roadster but I decided I'd like a retromod version, bigger wheels, lower stance, modern lighting etc. I managed to pick up some MX5 Enkei 16" alloys and had them refurbed. An idea of mine reference the rear lights... Original thought was I could graft them into the rear bumper but that's on hold for now. I keyed the inside of the bumpers.... and coated them liberally with Gravitex for protection I then keyed and clean the front bumper and primed it with plastic primer So on to stripping the front down. The oem bumber comes off with one screw attached to each front wing, you need to remove the inner wheel arch liners to get access to these. The other fixing bolts are pre